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Raiders establish Josh Jacobs in 32-23 win over Broncos

Tailback carries Las Vegas to victory

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders’ effectiveness in the run game has been consistent all season. However, the rushing plays are at a low number, with the Raiders rushing 29 percent of the time heading into Week 4.

That all changed Sunday with the Raiders rushing for 212 yards on the Denver Broncos. It was the most rushing yards since 2016, which was also against the Broncos. The rushing attack helped the 32-23 victory and avoided 0-4 while maybe finding their identity.

The leader of the pack in the run game was Josh Jacobs. He was exceptional in his performance, with 175 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns. He has averaged over five yards per carry in three games this season and continues to create when the offensive line breaks down.

Jacobs has excelled vs. the Broncos recently, and Sunday was no different. He was in the zone in Week 4 and, after the game, talked about what it is like to feel that way on the football field.

“I know when I’m in the zone because everything slows down, and it feels like almost I’m really slow,” Jacobs said after the game. “Then I look at the film, and ok I did what I’m supposed to do. A lot of times when I’m in the zone, a guy hit, and I don’t even feel him.”

Jacobs was in the zone with his electric runs that kept the offense afloat. His 42-yard run was Jacobs making something out of nothing displaying his ability to make any defender miss.

With the rushing attack working, the Raiders put up their best performance on offense this season. Even with the red zone struggles found a way to finish with 32 points, helped by Josh Jacobs’s massive day.

The game that sealed was to Zamir White on the toss on third down. The design of the play Jacobs knew would catch the defense off guard.

“You know, it’s funny they came out, and they were looking for that,” Jacobs said. “And they all slanted that way, and if you look again, you will see me with my hands up thinking it was a touchdown.”

The running game for the Raiders was working all day. The game in arrowhead might be a matchup of keep-away and will need Jacobs to duplicate this performance.