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Mark Davis stands by Josh McDaniels amid poor start

Owner tells newspaper coach will be in Las Vegas for ‘years to come’

Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis, Josh McDaniels on Oct. 23
Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images

No one thought the Las Vegas Raiders would start the season 2-5 and no one thought owner Mark Davis would be asked about the coach’s job security this early in his tenure.

But here we are.

Monday, apparently after there were rumblings Josh McDaniels would be fired after the team’s 24-0 loss at the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, Davis told the Las Vegas Review Journal that McDaniels’ job is safe and that he will coach the team for “years to come.” Davis’ statement comes a day after he reportedly had a closed-door meeting with McDaniels just after a loss for the second time this season.

Often owners give coach’s the dreaded vote of confidence shortly before they are dismissed. But this may be different. It would be quite surprising if McDaniels is fired soon despite his poor start. He will likely get, at least, through next season to give Davis the results he is expecting.

Still, concerns about McDaniels are valid. Including a dreadful 28 game stint in Denver spanning 2009-10, McDaniels is just 13-22 as a head coach and is on a long list of Bill Belichick New England assistants who have struggled as a head coach.

Critics are starting to question McDaniels after the Raiders’ poor start.

Yet, Davis’ opinion is the only one that matters and he is standing behind McDaniels through this rough start.