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Silver Minings: What’s it like tailgating at Allegiant Stadium

So far, the pre-game party scene hasn’t taken off in Las Vegas.

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Raiders fan Pati McGaffigan
The scene outside of Allegiant Stadium

Of course, one of the great joys of attending an NFL game live is experiencing the tailgate parties prior to the game.

Food, drink, good times are all to be had before kickoff. It happens all over the NFL and some stadiums are better suited for the tailgate experience than others.

Of course, tailgate parties in Oakland when the Raiders were there could be best described in one word — legendary. There was nothing like a tailgate party before a Raiders’ home game in Oakland. I survived many, many of them.

However, the tailgating experience hasn’t quite had the same impact in the short time the Raiders have played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. The pre-game party just isn’t quite the same yet. I’ve never been to a tailgate party before a Raiders’ game in Las Vegas, but I’ve been told it doesn’t hit as hard as the tailgates in Oakland did. A recent study by has the Allegiant Stadium tailgate experience ranked as the 28th best in the NFL. it is based on several factors.

The tailgate experience in Oakland was top three and probably the very best. Look, the overall Las Vegas experience for the Raiders is outstanding and the tailgate scene has potential, but it’s still developing.

Let us know your Allegiant Stadium tailgating experiences in the comment section below.

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