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Raiders say Oakland legend Clarence Davis is alive after announcing his death

“The Raiders received notice of Clarence Davis’ passing but have found that information to be false,” team says of legendary running back.

Oakland Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Clarence Davis
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Shortly after announcing his death on Thursday, the Las Vegas Raiders told reporters they received false information and that former running back Clarence Davis is still alive.

Davis — who scored one of the most iconic touchdowns in Raiders’ history — is 73. Earlier on Thursday, had published an obituary for the legendary player.

The running back from USC was a fourth-round draft pick in 1971 and played all of his eight NFL seasons with the Oakland Raiders. Davis is best known for scoring on the famous “Sea of Hands” play in the final minute of a 28-26 victory over the visiting Miami Dolphins in the AFC Divisional playoffs Dec. 21, 1974.

Raiders’ Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler desperately flipped the short pass while falling to the ground, in traffic, and the ball magically found Davis’ hands in a sea of Miami defenders in the end zone to allow Oakland to advance in the postseason. The play is one of the most memorable for a franchise rich in historic moments.

Davis led the Raiders with 137 rushing yards on 16 carries in their 32-14 Super Bowl XI win over the Minnesota Vikings on Jan. 9, 1977.

We are very relieved to hear that Davis is still alive, we wish him all the best and hope he’s in good health.