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Raiders poll: Fans speak on Derek Carr-Josh McDaniels’ future

Will the Raiders coach leave Las Vegas before his QB?

Minnesota Vikings v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We recently ran a poll, asking Las Vegas Raiders fans what they think about the future of quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Josh McDaniels with the team after a slow start.

Nearly 22,000 votes were tallied (the poll first ran when the Raiders were 0-3, they’re know 1-3, of course). Here were the voting options:

  • Carr leaves Las Vegas before McDaniels does.
  • McDaniels leaves the Raiders before Carr.
  • Carr plays for McDaniels in Las Vegas until he retires.

It was a close voting process, but 40 percent of the voters believe McDaniels will leave the Raiders before Carr. In second place, 33 percent of the voters think Carr will leave the Raiders before his coach and 27 percent believe Carr will retire as a Raider with McDaniels as his coach.

In his ninth season with the Raiders, quarterback Derek Carr has had four full-time head coaches and two interim head coaches since becoming a Day One starter after being a second-round draft pick in 2014.

At the age of 31, and with him getting a new contract under new head coach Josh McDaniels, it appeared that finally, there may be some stability and perhaps Carr could play for McDaniels in the Silver and Black for the rest of his NFL career. But, of course, it all depends on results and right now, the majority of or voters thinks McDaniels will leave Las Vegas first.