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Raiders podcast: Be pissed off, be very pissed off

The Raiders are a mess right now

Las Vegas Raiders v New Orleans Saints
Josh McDaniels
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders have played an easy schedule and the next four games are extremely winnable as their opponents in those games are a combined 13-18-1.

But what does that matter if the Raiders can’t figure it out themselves?

This is a team that is not playing winning football. Surely you are extremely frustrated and you should be. This team is a major disappointment and we break it down in our weekly podcast in the aftermath of a 24-0 dreadful loss at the New Orleans Saints.

Among the topics discussed:

  • What is the Raiders’ 2022 win-total number going to be?
  • Josh McDaniels can figure it out but he has not been an impressive head coach.
  • Trade talk.
  • The Raiders are pretty healthy overall,
  • Patrick Graham has been a disappointment,
  • Darren Waller’s health an issue?
  • & more!

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