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Silver Minings: Josh McDaniels following troubling trend of former New England assistants

Bill Belichick protegees have struggled as head coaches

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New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Over the years, several of Bill Belichick assistant coaches have gotten opportunities to be a head coach after being a part of his dynasty teams.

Yet, several of those assistants have famously failed as head coaches. First-year Raiders’ head coach Josh McDaniels was one of those in his first stint, as the Denver Broncos head coach spanning 28 games in 2009-10. Now, midway through his first season with the Raiders, McDaniels is also struggling as the disappointing Raiders sit at 2-6.

As this below tweet from the Associated Press shows, several Belichick assistant have been near the bottom of the coaching records in the past 15 years.

McDaniels is 13-23 as an NFL coach. He is 7-23 in his last 30 games after starting 6-0 in Denver. There is time, of course, for McDaniels turn around or he will remembered just as another failed former Belichick assistant.

In other Raiders’ news: