The last play of the game really does tell all.

Like everyone else I was pretty upset after todays game. And pretty annoyed by the last play. I could t believe that’s what they came up with. And frankly put that on McDaniel… who as much as I would like to be patient for, I’m getting more and more frustrated with.

So I decided to watch that last play again And did so over and over now

I fully admit I am no expert But while I still put a lot on blame on McDaniel and feel like the play could have been better, Carr’s glaring weaknesses come out again.

First, my problem with McD and the play. As best I can tell Carr did not check out of anything. So this is the called play. Why the hell do we have our best receiver running to the end zone when we only need 6 yards? Why isn’t out best guy one of the short crosses? Or coming off a rub? Or a hook for the first. With 50 seconds left to boot. We had plenty of time. I would even argue you don’t want to score that soon as with our D you are going to lose if you leave them 45 seconds

That said, when you really watch, Carr is perhaps even a bigger problem. Have you ever noticed that when the chips are down the other team always sends the house at Carr? You don’t do this much with most good QBs as they will rip you a new one. But not Carr. They know he panics. He stops making reads and gets rid of the ball. Exactly what he did here. They send pressure and carr throws up a prayer. That wasn’t even a 50-50, it was a prayer, into the end zone when you only needed 6 yards. He didn’t even look for the open first down routes. He made the worst possible decision of all his options. Like all other coordinators you know Bradly knew how Carr would react and he was right

This one play is the microcosm of the 2022 Raiders. Disappointing designs by the coaches. Horrible execution by the players Carr choking under pressure.

I know this will all be controversial as some people just love Carr. But I’m trying to be fair and objective. And if you watch objectively and take emotion out of it you will see the mistakes and blame all over the place. And that includes our QB. It’s just too easy to turn him from Superman to trash. A little bit of pressure is his kryptonite.