Josh McDaniels is poison

If you heard anything that came out of that press conference, it sounds like a toxic locker room is forming. This would be the second time Josh McDaniels was a head coach of a team. Denver was so bad, he got ran out after a year and a half.

As a Derek carr defender over and over again, this might be the breaking point. Even if i got what i want, this would be yet another new system for carr to learn. That's too much to ask for. Change might be best at this point. I think people who only point out Derek carr's struggles are complete dummies. Stop and think, how did carr get this bad? Jack del Rio with Bill Musgrave got a lot out of carr and he ended 3rd on the MVP ballot. Jon Gruden came out of retirement to take this position because of carr. When Gruden left, a special teams coach with a second rate offensive coordinator got the most out of carr statistically. But carr goes into the complete gutter when this joke of a coach shows up. Why is that?

Simply put, McDaniels is a bad coach. McDaniels picked a bad defensive coordinator who continues to blow leads (wouldn't matter if Patrick Mahomes is quarterback, if the defense keeps blowing leads). McDaniels has proceeded over one toxic locker room environment in Denver. It appears, based on what players are saying in the press conferences the past few weeks, the toxic environment is here in Las Vegas. Tom Brady has wanted to punch out McDaniels a few times. It's the way he is. McDaniels is the type of coach that needs someone like a bill billachek to keep him in line. Without him, you see what happens.

Maybe you hate Derek carr, maybe you love him. It's not the point right now. All it took was one cancer to destroy him. Maybe you're happy, but wait until he destroys the next guy (like he did in Denver).

I find it ironic that within the past couple of weeks, McDaniels was outcoached by Dennis Allen (another bad previous head coach for the raiders), Doug Pedersen (who won a super bowl by beating McDaniels when he was the OC at NE and was available to be hired instead of this clown), and a high school coach with a first time play caller (for the team he double crossed in 2018).

Josh McDaniels is a cancer. It time to end it. Fire Josh McDaniels.