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Silver Minings: Week 10 NFL Draft order update

Time to tank

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NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Georgia vs Alabama
Bryce Young, Will Anderson
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With the AFC West virtually out of the question for the Las Vegas Raiders after their 25-20 Week 10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, we’ll pivot from our usual Monday morning AFC West roundup to an NFL Draft order update for the rest of the year.

The Raiders helped their cause as far as draft positioning goes, and they also got some help on Thursday night as the Carolina Panthers won.

2023 NFL Draft Top 10 (pre-Monday Night Football)

Order via, needs per NFL Mock Draft Database

  1. Houston Texans 1-7-1 (Biggest needs: QB, EDGE, WR)
  2. Las Vegas Raiders 2-7 (OT, EDGE, DL)
  3. Carolina Panthers 3-7 (QB, EDGE, DL)
  4. Philadelphia Eagles, from 3-7 New Orleans Saints (EDGE, CB, RB)
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7 (WR, DL, OT)
  6. Chicago Bears 3-7 (WR, OT, EDGE)
  7. Seattle Seahawks, from 3-6 Denver Broncos (QB, EDGE, LB)
  8. Detriot Lions, from 3-6 Los Angeles Rams (QB, CB, S)
  9. Houston Texans, from 3-6 Cleveland Browns (QB, EDGE, WR)
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-6 (OT, DL, EDGE)

Next Games

  • Texans vs Commanders (4-5)
  • Raiders @ Broncos (3-6)
  • Panthers @ Ravens (6-3)
  • Saints vs Rams 3-6
  • Jaguars bye
  • Bears @ Falcons (4-6)
  • Rams @ Saints (3-7)
  • Broncos vs Raiders (2-7)
  • Browns @ Bills 6-3
  • Steelers vs Bengals (5-4)

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