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Silver Minings: The great lengths Raider Nation goes to help their team

This is one dedicated superstition

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Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
We have no idea if any of these fine members of the Raider Nation are guilty of this.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ok, we have to address this one.

Yes, we’ve looked at superstitious ways of Las Vegas Raiders’ fans before. But this, well, this is next level.

Are you ready? Or better question, are you guilty? Ok, here we go and I swear I’m not making this up.

In a study conducted by, asking 1,000 fans what the oddest thing they do to help their team win ... and 60 percent of Raiders fans surveyed saying they have or would be willing not to wash their underwear to help their team win. That, according to this study, leads the league in willingness to wear dirty skivvies to help their team.


I wonder what laundry-detergent pitchman Davante Adams would think of this development in the under belly of the Raider Nation?

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