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Raiders podcast: It keeps getting worse

You all deserve so much better

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Mark Davis and Josh McDaniels before Sunday’s game
Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images

This should be rock bottom, but will it be?

The Las Vegas Raiders have outdone themselves the past two weeks in the form of embarrassing, silly defeats. First, a shutout loss against a bad New Orleans defense. Then another blown big lead at a bad Jacksonville team. Now, you are dealing with the aftermath of a home loss to a coach who never worked past the high-school level.

When is it all going to stop. We discussed it all in our weekly Las Vegas Raiders’ podcast.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Mark Davis insults fan base by saying Josh McDaniels is doing a “fantastic job.” Spoiler alert: No he isn’t
  • Speaking of the fans, you don’t deserve this crap.
  • Is Derek Carr entering final eight games in Las Vegas?
  • If McDaniels were to go, so should his partner, Dave Ziegler.
  • Is there a Darren Waller problem?
  • & more!

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