The next Josh Allen

Wow. The more I watch of this kid the more I hope we don't or the refs will continue to stack L's. We cannot let Texas stink more than us. Will Levi's of Kentucky is such fighter, you know unlike anything we have seen since I don't even know when. Has the arm to through thru the sun. The athleticism to run over or around you and he actually likes to(yes dereck I'm pointing at you ya little cream puff crybaby). If you haven't had the pleasure of watching this kid in action I highly suggest you do. He's a savage as well as a real Leader( yes looking at you again dereck ). I haven't payed to much attention to college ball this season so I'm not to familiar with to many other qb's but ide be shocked if there r many if any that have the total package like he does. Let me know in the comments who you like or don't and hit me back if you take my advise to c what this kid has. To all the haters this season is done dont wine about winning a few more pointless games dereck has been doing this every year for nine years. I don't care what offense he's running it all looks so similar to the last and the one before that and the one before that. Imagine just for a second what Rodgers would have done to have the offense we have. Before this year he's been taking his team of nobody's except for tEy to championship after championship. Just saying I want a winner and if your head is so far up your own ass you can't see Dereck for what he is and what he isn't then I pitty you. GO RAIDERS!!!