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Silver Minings: 1st-down play has to improve on both sides of ball

Las Vegas was dreadful on 1st down at New Orleans

New Orleans Saints v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders’ problem in their ridiculous 24-0 defeat at the New Orleans Saints were multifold, of course. There were issues everywhere.

But as the team works in Florida this week in preparation of Sunday’s game at the Jacksonville Jaguars, one issue that needs to be cleared is pretty obvious — play on first down. And it needs to be addressed on both offense and defense.

According to NFL analyst Warren Sharp the Saints were tied for the highest average yards per play on first down on Sunday at 7.3 yards. The Raiders were last at 2.5 yards.

So, the tone was set early in the downs on both sides of the ball and it wasn’t good for the Raiders either way. Then the Raiders offense was rolling in the three previous games, they had early-down success. They quickly have to find that formula again.

In other Raiders’ news: