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Silver Minings: Week 11 NFL Draft order update

Raiders slide a bit

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 29 Florida vs Georgia
Jalen Carter
Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders' 22-16 Week 11 win over the Denver Broncos comes with some conflicted feelings. While the Raiders’ record improves and they move out of last place in the AFC West, they slide down the NFL Draft order and might be out of the running for one of the top quarterbacks in the draft. However, Georgia defensive tackle Jalen Carter would still be in play with the fourth overall pick.

NFL Draft Top 10 (Pre-Monday Night Football)

Draft order via needs via

  1. Houston Texans 1-8-1 (Biggest needs: QB, EDGE, WR)
  2. Carolina Panthers 3-8 (QB, EDGE, DL)
  3. Chicago Bears 3-7 (WR, OT, EDGE)
  4. Las Vegas Raiders 3-7 (OT, EDGE, DL)
  5. Seattle Seahawks, from 3-7 Denver Broncos (QB, EDGE, LB)
  6. Detriot Lions, from 3-7 Los Angeles Rams (QB, CB, S)
  7. Houston Texans, from 3-7 Cleveland Browns (QB, EDGE, WR)
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-7 (OT, DL, EDGE)
  9. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7 (WR, DL, OT)
  10. Philadelphia Eagles, from 4-7 New Orleans Saints (EDGE, CB, RB)

Next Games

  • Texans @ Dolphins 7-3
  • Panthers vs Broncos
  • Bears @ Jets 6-4
  • Raiders @ Seahawks 6-4
  • Rams @ Chiefs 7-2
  • Browns vs Buccanneers 5-5
  • Steelers @ Colts 4-6-1 (MNF)
  • Saints @ 49ers 5-4

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