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Josh McDaniels on Davante Adams: ‘He’s a unique player, very difficult no matter where you put him’

The Raiders head coach is appreciating greatness in a lackluster season

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos
Davante Adams
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One thing to celebrate in this lackluster 2022 Las Vegas Raiders’ season is the presence of superstar wide receiver Davante Adams.

There have been a lot of misses in the first year of the new Las Vegas Raiders’ regime, but the decision to trade for Adams in March wasn’t one of them. He has been a spectacular Raider and Adams, who turned 30 next month, will be the centerpiece of the offense for at least the next two seasons.

Adams had his latest huge game for the Raiders on Sunday as his 35-yard touchdown in overtime beat Denver 22-16 and ended a three-game Las Vegas losing skid. Adams has 25 catches for 413 yards and five touchdowns in the past three games. For the season, the nine-year veteran has 64 catches for 925 yards and 10 touchdown catches. He’s on pace for a career high in receiving yardage.

In first year working with Adams, first-year Las Vegas head coach Josh McDaniels is blown away by his star wide out.

“I’ve mentioned a few other guys that I’ve coached that are pretty good, and he’s a unique player. Very difficult no matter where you put him,” McDaniels said. “I think the thing that makes Davante very special is just up here (mentally), he can think, process, understand the way he’s being covered, the way people are playing him, leverage, route technique, setting up his routes, doing a lot of different things that allow him to get open and be special. I think sometimes when young players come into the league, they think it’s all skill and talent. And that’s part of the equation, there’s no question. But I think the other part that he’s really mastered is his ability to set people up. He’s got great savvy and instincts, great awareness. Like the last play, I mean, that doesn’t happen if he doesn’t set it up the right way and really get the corner leaning to go across the field, but he understands that. He’s a special player. He really is.”

Indeed, McDaniels believes Adams, who is putting together a Pro Football Hall of Fame career, is the complete package.

“He’s got good speed. He’s got really good quickness. He’s got incredible hands. It’s just the whole thing,” McDaniels said. “And like I said, just his ability to, I’d say, really get good at the other part of the game – the mental part of the game. The play after play, ‘What’s that guy thinking I’m going to do? And I’ve used this, I’ve showed him that stem before. So, now let me counter it with something else.’ He can play the game within the game, which really just takes you to a whole new level.”

Enjoy this guy, Raider Nation. He’s rare.