Mid season rookie grades

Round 3 - Dylan Parham Guard PFF 60.5
Grade : A

Parham has started all 10 games and despite having rookie moments has been more or less reliable. He's supplanted Simpson as the long term starter at LG and for a 3rd round pick is as much as can be expected.

Round 4 - Zamir White RB PFF 56.9
Grade : D

White only has 10 carries on the season but he hasn't done anything with them averaging a paltry 2.4 ypc. His lack of vision and wiggle were visible in preseason and are only magnified now. He does possess straight ahead speed and a strong finish but that's typically not enough at the NFL level. This could be a bust, don't be surprised if he's not on the roster next season.

Round 4 - Neil Farrell DT PFF 45.3
Grade : D

Has only played in 5 games and really hasn't played well. 7 tackles, 1 TFL and 1 QB hit. With the DL overall being poor and in desperate need of help, being a healthy scratch 5 times says alot. Rumors are he (and Butler) are partying too much. But he does have NFL size and I've seen a few plays where he flashes potential. It will be interesting to see if he finishes the season stronger than he's played so far.

Round 5 - Mathew Butler DT PFF 65.2
Grade : C

Only has 28 snaps in 3 games and has been decent when he's gotten the chance. For a guy that was at times dominant the SEC, you have to wonder why he isn't getting more snaps. He's the other half of the 'rookie party crew' that has gotten them both in the dog house. Hopefully they'll both realize quickly NFL stands for "Not For Long". I still think he could be a future starter if he gets it together.

Round 7 - Thayer Munford OT PFF 61.9
Grade : A

For a guy the entire league passed on several times, Thayer has been pretty damn good. Has played in all 10 games and started 3 at RT. Was good enough in preseason to send Leatherwood out of town and has backed it up with solid play. Yes, he gets beat around the edge sometimes but he's a very good run blocker and potent as pulling tackle. Is he a starter in 2023? Hard to say but he'll certainly be competing to be the starter. Worst case he's a very good swing backup and we got him in the 7th round.

Round 7 - Brittain Brown RB PFF N/A
Grade : C

After a strong preseason where he clearly outshined Zamir White, Brown has been a healthy scratch the entire season. Obviously McZ knows he's too good to survive waivers to the practice squad. I hope we get to see him soon, but we might have to wait until 2023.

Notable UDFA's

Sam Webb CB PFF 49.2
Grade : A

Webb played great in preseason but his NFL debut has been shaky to say the least. PG felt good enough to start him over Averett and one on one against their #1 WR. It didn't work out well for Webb but he kept fighting and its clear he's got what it takes physically to play at this level.

Isaiah Pola-Mao CB PFF 66.6
Grade : B

Another player who flashed in preseason, Pola-Mao has looked good in his limited snaps. He's played ST in 4 games and got 8 snaps vs Denver and held his own. Has the size and speed to play at this level and was a beast at USC - surprised he went undrafted but he looks he belongs.

Darien Butler LB PFF PFF 48.5
Grade: C

Butler's played in 9 games as a key ST player but got 7 snaps on Defense vs Colts and it wasn't that good. He was a preseason standout but he might be limited to a ST player in the NFL.

Luke Masterson LB PFF 28.5
Grade: C

Has played in all 10 games, including over 60 snaps on Defense. By his PFF grade it's clear it's been mostly terrible although he's made a few tackles that showed up during the TV broadcasts. You appreciate the effort and ability to play year 1 but so far it appears he, like Butler, is likely limited to ST at this level. We'll definitely get to see more as he's expected to get plenty of playing time with Deablo out for the season and Martinez retiring.

Overall grade : C

Even though McZ traded away their first 2 picks, they were able to trade down and select players that for the most part are contributing year 1 although maybe not as much as we thought they might. Not getting much from White and the 2 DTs bring the grade down. The UDFA class has shown some potential.