Zach Wilson: a cautionary tale for the Raiders

Have you been following the Zack Wilson debacle? In case you haven't heard, Wilson hasn't been living up to his lofty expectation as the number 2 pick overall. On top of that, it's everyone else's fault that the jets have struggled (according to Wilson). Now he's going to be a healthy scratch for this upcoming week to "clear his head". Wilson's stat line for the season is 1,279 yards passing, 4 touchdown to 5 interceptions, 55% completion percentage with a QBR of 45.1 and a passer rating of 72.6. This is the year he's suppose to take a step forward.

I remember the talk about Wilson coming out of college. He was giving Trevor Lawrence a run for his money to possibly be the number 1 pick. Jets were all too happy to dump Sam darnold because the new shiny object was right there and it was going to lead them to victory. Forget the fact that Sam Darnold had a winning record in his 2nd season as a starter and was solid despite not playing the whole year. He struggled in his 3rd year due to some very questionable coaching (sound familiar?) The jets promptly dumped Darnold and got the sure fire quarterback!

Despite Wilson sucking it up, the jets shockingly are 6-4. They have also had to play 83 year old Joe Flacco and some guy who no one has ever heard of before at quarterback. Why is this?

Defense. They are in the top ten in points allowed and yards allowed.

Now this brings me back to the Raiders. Hate to break it to everyone but Josh McDaniels is coming back next year because the Raiders are too cheap to fire him (link at the bottom). I highly doubt the Raiders end up with a top 2 pick. If I had to guess they probably end up in the 6 to 10 range for draft pick. That leaves us to the Derek Carr question. This is Derek Carr's stat line for the season: 2,435 yards passing, 15 touchdowns to 5 interceptions (3 of them coming in the 1st game only 2 since then), 62% completion percentage and a QBR of 59.1 (3rd best for career) with a passer rating of 91.6. This is the year he's been playing his worst I can remember. His stat line actually surprised me.

Let's say the Raiders end up with the 8th pick overall. They should not be chasing the Bryce Young or CJ Stroud sweepstakes. As seen above, are we really sure those guys are going to be the next Patrick Mahomes? The Raiders should not "settle" either and end up with a quarterback like Hendon Hooker to be Carr's replacement just for a "change". The advantage about sticking with Carr is he is a known commodity. He'll also be in the 2nd year of McDaniels' system. Carr always struggled in the first year of a new system (it's happened 4 times now). The best course of action for the Raiders would be to take the best defensive end available that can put pressure on the quarterback to help Crosby because Chandler Jones ain't doing it. Or taking that stud defensive tackle that can bend the line to make things easier for Crosby to operate and can protect the linebackers like Denzel Perryman. With the defense looking like hot garbage (and only having 14 sacks so far this year), even if we get Stroud, he's going to have to put up 35 a game for us to win and that's asking too much of a rookie.

Remember Marcus Mariota and jameis Winston were going to be the best one two quarterbacks taken in a long time (and I really thought Mariota was going to be good).

The goals for the next off season should be 1. Figure out something to do with Chandler Jones massive contract 2. Sign the best right tackle available. 3. Sign a solid right guard. 4. Draft the best available defensive players with the first 2 rounds or possibly trade down to get more picks. 5. Fire Patrick Graham ‍♂️

Go Raiders.