Carr has it all

So why do I hate him so much? Is it the fact he represents the Raiders and by proxy myself, yet he has cried like a little girl on national television not once but twice. Could it be his record as a starter ( second worst winning percentage in NFL history behind guess who his brother). Maybe it's those happy feet that start prancing about like he's at a parade in SF whenever he starts hearing footsteps. Could it be the laughable way he curls up into a fetal position sometimes moments before actual contact. How about his retarded attempts to stretch his body an extra 8 feet to the goal line forgetting that it's not only impossible but his tiny little pizza pocket hands can't hold an NFL football with just one of them.Then there his penchant for talking as tho he has a southern accent and uses words like 'golley' and 'gee' even though he's from Cali and nobody from his family speaks like that.All of those reasons are viable but no sadly the reason I really hate him is the simple fact he has it all and he just chooses not to use it. He can put the ball anywhere on that football field he wants. If your a Raider fan you know this. I've seen some of the most insane pass and catch balls ever thrown by him so many times I can't count.Hes as smart as they come. Look at how often they come to the line and watch Carr immediately call out the coverage or the hot blitzer. With the game on the line with 2minuts left I would take Care over almost anybody.hes freaken money in those situations. Athletically he may not be on par w Baltimores QB but he can run and run fast plus he has some wiggle.Weather it's a deep route or short, slant or go, curl or back shoulder, he's got you covered. Sprinkle in one of the best RB's, one of the best TE's , and one of the best WR's and you have yourself what should be a winner. But you don't. You haven't, and you never will. Why? Cause he chooses not to. I don't care why. I don't. For whatever reason he chooses when to be special and when not to be. Every year he chooses not to be just enough they never win enough. The late great Al Davis once said " We take what we want, not what they give us". I've even heard Carr pitifully repeat those words to his teammates just before battle. When he wants to he does. Problem is 80percent of the time he will settle for what the defense will give. He's so conservative. In fact that may be why he has so many game winning drives. He will never blow out the opposite team. Ever. Name them.... I'll wait. If he tried to be great but just didn't have it in him I could except that. I really could. Problem is, he is great, and just chooses not to be and that's why I hate him. GO RAIDERS