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Silver Minings: Super Bowl is the most important event to sports fans

It’s the Christmas Day of sporting events

NFL: Super Bowl LVII -Super Bowl LVII Handoff Ceremony
Super Bowl 57 logo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Barring a miracle, another Super Bowl will played in February without the Las Vegas Raiders participating.

But that doesn’t mean the game won’t matter to the great members of this community. It’s the Super Bowl we have to pay attention to it.

So, it’s no surprise to learn that a recent study by SportingPedia shows that the Super Bowl is the most important and most significant sporting event each year. The survey found that 40.2 percent of the sports fans polled feel that way about the NFL’s final game of the season. The Super Bowl ranked No. 1 according to all demographic groups polled and it wasn’t close. The next highest event was the NBA Finals at 22 percent.

I wasn’t among those polled, but I agree. The Super Bowl rules. You agree? And it’ll be even better in 2024 when it’s held in Las Vegas.

In other Raiders’ news:

  • This is weird: The Seahawks cheated on an interception return Sunday and got away with it.
  • Foster’s redemption: Raiders’ tight end Foster Moreau made a bad play Sunday, but then he made a huge one.
  • What a show: The Athletic has more on Josh Jacobs’ incredible performance in Seattle on Sunday.