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Silver Minings: Raiders’ defense stats are ugly

Patrick Graham’s unit is struggling in Las Vegas

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Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
Patrick Graham, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of the biggest disappointments for the Las Vegas Raiders in their 2-5 sputtering start to the season is that the defense has made no progress.

Patrick Graham’s unit has floundered all season. And looking at NFL defensive statistics, it is clear just how bad the unit has been. According to the below tweet by the Associated Press, Las Vegas’ defense is at or very near the bottom of the NFL in several key stats.

Check it out:

Graham came to Las Vegas with a sterling reputation, yet, thus far, he has not been able to get much out of this group. Until that happens, the Raiders won’t be able to truly compete in the AFC.

In other Raiders’ news: