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SB Nation Reacts: 58 percent of Raiders fans want the team to move on from Derek Carr

Majority of Raider Nation wants a new QB

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The Las Vegas Raiders push to finish the season strong after a bad start during the first half. The 24-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints should wake up any respectable football player and force a bounce back.

Derek Carr’s performance this season has come into question after the ugly loss. His numbers are underwhelming for what was expected to be fireworks through the air. Once you add in the 2-5 record, many fans are ready to jump ship.

With this week’s SB Nation Reacts, we asked Raider Nation how many are ready to move on from Carr as the quarterback. Fifty eight percent of fans are prepared to move on.

Fans should be upset, especially after the lack of urgency from the front office. Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels have the right to feel like they have time to right the ship. However, fans have the right to be skeptical, and it makes sense after not being ready for the Saints.

Raider Nation might get a bounce back this week, but expectations have fallen off a cliff. The quarterback will always get the worst of it, justified or not.

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