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Silver Minings: Raiders’ offense is putting up impressive numbers

They lead NFL in key stat

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Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
Davante Adams, Josh McDaniels
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders’ offense has come alive and has been the best reasons why they have won the past two games and while there is still some life at 4-7 for the team.

The unit is putting together some impressive numbers. One area in which Josh McDaniels’ unit has been strong in is after getting turnovers. Yes, the Raiders have been at the bottom of the league in creating turnovers, but the offense has rewarded the defense when it has happened this season. According to the Associated Press, the Raiders lead the NFL with four points a drive following a turnover. That will work.

Also, the Raiders did something it its 40-34 overtime win at the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday only a few other teams have ever. The Raiders surpassed the 275 yard mark in both the air and on the ground. That’s hard to beat.

The season has been bumpy but these are some fun numbers and perhaps it will continue as the Raiders fight to save their season.

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