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Silver Minings: Derek Carr has struggled in red zone

Quarterback is near the bottom of the league

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Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams
Derek Carr
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders were supposed to be so much better in the red zone in 2022.

They added superstar wide receiver Davante Adams, who has been a red-zone maven in his career and they hired Josh McDaniels as head coach and he had success near the opponent’s goal line as the longtime offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.

Indeed, the Raiders’ red-zone woes of the Jon Gruden era was supposed to be a thing of the past. Yet, they have continued this year somehow. The Raiders’ red-zone issues were in full display in a 17-16 loss at the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night. The Raiders scored on their first drive of the game but then had to settle for field goals the rest of the game.

Quarterback Derek Carr was intercepted in the Rams’ end zone late in the first half. Per ESPN, it was his 14th red-zone interception since joining the NFL in 2014. It is tied for the most in the league since in that time span. Carr has been a common denominator in the Raiders’ poor play in the red zone. And he is struggling again this season.

Is Las Vegas’ problems in the red zone all on Carr. No, but it’s clear he is helping in that area.

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