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Raiders Film Breakdown: Derek Carr's interception vs. the LA Rams

Breakdown of huge play in the red zone

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders' ugly loss to the Los Angeles Rams ended the Raiders' season with a miracle chance at the postseason. A silver and black team with high expectations struggled to meet them when it came to a playoff trip.

The most controversial play was an interception thrown right before halftime. Sportswriters have called it one of the worst throws of all time, with Peter King giving a scathing review of the play.

What happened in that play? All-22 displays a different look than what is described by Peter King but is overly aggressive nonetheless.

Third down, and the Raiders only need five yards, but Josh McDaniels calls for a touchdown here on the concept. The Raiders will run a beeline from Foster Moreau and post route with Mack Hollins. Keelan Cole will come in motion running the return route on the outside, mirroring Davante Adams. The Rams have two high safeties for the pre-snap look.

After the snap, the Rams switch to cover 3, which gives Carr the coverage, he wants with the concept called. The post-safety is starting to move with Moreau on his beeline route, leaving Hollins open in the back of the end zone.

However, the pocket is starting to collapse while the safety moves, but the right guard helps Jermaine Eluemunor giving Carr a small lane to step up. Dylan Parham is being pushed back slightly to the left of the quarterback.

Greg Gaines, the defensive tackle rushing vs. Parham, has complete control. When Carr attempts to step in the pocket, Gaines moves to attack the quarterback and runs Parham into him mid-throw.

Now, you can make the case that Carr could have been more cautious and just escaped to his left, checked down to Abdullah, or threw it away. He took the aggressive approach and went for the big play instead of the field goal attempt, which led to the ugly interception.

Hero ball is an issue that pops up with Carr on film and led to his propensity to fumble the past few seasons. That has been controlled for the most part under McDaniels, but this is a prime example of trying to do too much instead of just playing quarterback. Which led to what was essentially a long fumble

No, there weren't four guys around the ball, but it is terrible situational football from the quarterback.