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The best Raiders game you’ve ever seen live

We asked “What is the best Raiders’ game you’ve ever seen live?” and you gave us some very memorable answers.

Miami Dolphins v Oakland Raiders Photo by Michael Zagaris/Getty Images

For our Tuesday Community Question this week, we asked you: “What is the best Raiders’ game you’ve ever seen live?”

As always, the Silver and Black Pride community gave us some epic answers that went back deep into Raiders’ historical archives.

Otis recalled a classic from almost 48 years ago, when the Raiders played the Miami Dolphins on Dec. 21, 1974, in the AFC Championship game:

Sea of Hands game. Not only the best Raider game I’ve ever been to, but the most entertaining football game I have ever been to. The back and forth in that game between two great teams was absolutely incredible!

Especially considering our season tickets were in the end zone where Clarence caught the ball made it extra special because we were one of the few hundred who actually saw him catch it the moment it happened where most of the fans in any other part of the stadium couldn’t see exactly what happened at the time.

Clutch4td also went back to the ‘70s, this time to the Holy Roller game against the San Diego Chargers in 1978 (he’s still looking for his hat!):

The Holly Roller game in San Diego. Lost my Raiders cap and got yelled at quite a bit by those very pissed off Bolt fans! Nothing could be sweeter.

Other fans chose more recent memorable moments, as Tyrone Wheatleys Mom dipped into the Raiders’ biggest modern rivalry against the Kansas City Chiefs:

October 19th 2017, Raiders vs Chiefs in Oakland. That was the Thursday Night game with 2 defensive holding calls on the Chiefs giving us 2 more downs with no time on the clock in the 4th quarter. Carr hits Crabtree for a TD, the Coliseum goes absolutely nuts. I don’t remember much after that because the drinks were flowing... RN263 from this very blog gifted me and my brother his season tix for that game, we flew out from CO and met him at his tire shop to pick up the tickets. Met RaiderJB in the parking lot and downed some beers and brats before the game as well. An amazing experience and my only game ever at the Coliseum in Oakland. I saw quite a few games in LA back in the day, and go to the game here in Denver every year, but none of those compare to that night in Oakland....

Guidofantastic actually picked a game the that Raiders lost, but for really worthwhile reasons.

I’ve been to so many games it’s hard to pick just one that I think is the best. But I will pick one that I think is the most interesting. Monday Night Football in Oakland, Packers vs Raiders, Brett Favre’s dad just passed and it was the most magical game that I’ve ever been a part of. You could feel the energy in the building. Brett could do absolutely no wrong that game. He could have thrown the ball out of the stadium and somehow it still would have been caught in bounds. Hated the fact that the Raiders lost but that was the most interesting game I’d ever gone to.

We’ll be asking Community Questions every Tuesday morning, then sharing some of the best responses the following Friday, so be sure to share some of your favorite Raiders’ moments, reasons you became a fan, or most beloved memorabilia. Also, let us know in the comments below if there’s a question you want to be asked to the Silver and Black community!