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Silver Minings: Tackle Sebastian Gutierrez and guard Jordan Meredith elevated from practice squad

Raiders get help for the offensive line

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Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders' offensive line has constantly been changing all year. A consistent lineup since Week 5 displayed inconsistency, but a unit should grow together.

Last week we saw injuries to the offensive line. Alex Bars went down, allowing John Simpson to enter the game. However, he was cut after the game, and Lester Cotton joined him with the addition of Netane Muti.

Now with less depth at the position than ever, the Raiders are reaching the practice squad. The silver and black elevated tackle Sebastian Gutierrez and guard Jordan Meredith on Saturday.

The offensive line will need all the help this week, facing one of the best defensive lines in the league.

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