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Chandler Jones’ touchdown: We need a name for that miraculous play

Give us your ideas for Raiders’ game-winning score

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
Game winner
Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Has it sunk in yet?

Possibly not and that’s OK. I have to be honest: I woke up this morning, wondering if it all really happened.

Yet, indeed, it did. The Las Vegas Raiders really did beat the New England Patriots on Sunday 30-24 on an epic lateral return by defensive end Chandler Jones on the final play of the game.

All the Patriots had to do when end regulation and it would have went to overtime. Instead, though, somehow wide receiver Jakobi Myers acted like New England was trailing and threw a lateral back to quarterback Mac Jones. The problem was the ball went right to Chandler Jones. He went right through Mac Jones, stiff-arming him on his way to the end zone.

It was one of the craziest endings to any NFL game and it will always be remembered in the Raider Nation.

So, like all great moments in team history, we need a name for it.

I’ve seen some ideas floating out there and and I’ll give you some of my suggestions. But I want to hear from you. Give us your name ideas in the comment section below.

  • Sin City Sizzle
  • Las Vegas Lateral.
  • Jones on Jones Violence
  • Win City Miracle
  • Tuck Rule Revenge
  • Meyers Meltdown.

OK, enough from me. Your turn.