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Silver and Black Pride’s Week 13 pick’em competition

Six regular season games to go ...

Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
Josh Jacobs
Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

We’re soaring into Week 13 for the Las Vegas Raiders and in our Silver and Black Pride pick’em Challenge. The Raiders have managed to keep their minuscule playoff hopes alive after back-to-back road wins but are still slight home underdogs on DraftKings Sportbook against the also postseason-hopeful Los Angeles Chargers. Meanwhile, our competition continues to heat up as over a dozen people got 12 or more correct picks last week!

That ramps up the stakes for the challenge as the NFL’s playoff race also tightens with more Week 13 matchups like the Chiefs heading to Cincinnati and the Titans crossing conference lines in Philadelphia. Head on over to our friends at DraftKings if you’re looking to make these games more interesting for yourself.

Ahead of the action, let’s take a look at our writers’ standing for the pick’em challenge after 180 contests:

  1. Matt Holder 112-67-1 (62%)
  2. Ray Aspuria 109-69-1 (61%)
  3. Bill Williamson 96-68-0 (58%)

Bill is the winner of the week with an impressive 11 correct picks, however, it was a strong week for us writers as a whole. Ray and I both went 10-6 to keep pace in our neck-and-neck race at the top of the standings. Meanwhile, Bill did pick up a game on us but still has a bit of ground to make up. Congrats to Ray for making the 100-club...whatever.

2022 Overall Leaders

1. Da r8dazzz Idaho 114-65

2. TV Raider113-66

3. RaiderFan 110-69

4. Jeepraider 109-70

t5. Cunning Runts 108-71

t5. Tredela 108-71

t5. Trashman 108-71

t8. 12Personnel 107-72

t8. TommyRaider 107-72

t8. Unreliable Narrator 107-72

Week 12 Top Pickers

t1. MarksFlipPhone 13-3

t1. Raider Nation 8 13-3

t1. torindorn4life 13-3

t1. Bay Bombers 13-3


Da r8dazzz Idaho is the big winner of the week with 12 correct picks to launch into first place among everyone. TV Raider still isn’t far behind, also with 12 winners so it is still a tight race. We’ll see how things shake out but four or five picks could be a lot for RaiderFan and Jeepraider to overcome in six weeks for our regular season crown.

Also, shoutouts are in order for all of the top pickers this week who nailed it with 13 correct picks! We had five of them and 13 more with a dozen so that’s one hell of a performance by you guys.

Make sure to get your picks in this week and may your picks be good!