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Raiders Podcast: TDL review vs the Patriots

TDL reviews the win vs. the Patriots

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders bounced back from the ugly loss vs. the Los Angeles Rams. The 30-24 win over the New England Patriots was capped with one of the craziest finishes in football history.

Tape Don’t lie is ready to review the improved performance of the Raiders team. The Raiders are still in the playoff hunt with three games left, but we need help from others to get into the dance.

BD Williams takes a deep dive into all the areas of the defense. They couldn’t hold onto another 14-point lead and had holes in the back end. However, they were able to finish the game strongly and pull out a win.

The offense put up ugly second half after scoring 17 points in the first half. The offense put together a heroic drive to save the Raiders' season and keep them in the playoff race. Also, Darren Waller’s return to the offense.

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