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Silver Minings: Derek Carr owns quarterback losing label

Losing has been mark of longtime starter

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Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Derek Carr
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Speculation is heating up that Derek Carr may be entering his final days as the Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterback.

If the end is, indeed, near for Carr in las Vegas, what will mostly be remembered during his nine-year tenure as the team’s quarterback is the losing. In fact, as pointed out this week by The Associated Press, Carr has lost at a historic rate when it comes to quarterback play and longevity.

The Raiders’ 13-10 loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night guaranteed the 6-9 Raiders will have a losing record this season. He is the first quarterback in NFL historic to start in six losing seasons for the same team.

It is an example that most teams don’t tolerate consistent losing from the quarterback position. The Raiders, though, have as Carr has two winning seasons, one .500 seasons and six losing seasons with the Raiders since being being drafted in the second round of 2014.

Will the losing finally catch up to him?

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