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Silver Minings: Davante Adams has been wasted too often

Coaching staff has forgotten their neglected star acquisition this season

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Davante Adams
Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Davante Adams has been tremendous in his first season with the Las Vegas Raiders after his March blockbuster trade from the Green Bay Packers.

But it could have been even better. Too often, it seems that the Las Vegas coaching staff has chosen to not target Adams enough. it has happened far too often and that’s been the case in recent games.

Adams had just two catches for 15 yards in the Raiders’ 13-10 defeat at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night. That comes after he had just four receptions for 28 yards in Week 15 miracle win over the New England Patriots. He hasn’t had a touchdown in the past three games.

As pointed out by the Associated Press this week, the Pittsburgh game was the third time this season that with less than two yards per target. That didn’t happen at all in his final six season in Green Bay.

Las Vegas coach Josh McDaniels has to improve in a lot of areas in 2023 and getting more production out of his best players is chief among the areas he needs to address.

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