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Reviewing your favorite Raiders’ draft picks

Lot of love for Bo Jackson

Tennessee Titans v Oakland Raiders
Bo Jackson

Our Tuesday Community question this week was who was your favorite draft pick by the Raiders of all time.

As always, we had a lot of great answers with Bo Jackson being a frequent answer. The Raiders, of course, drafted Jackson in the seventh round in 1987, a year after he spurned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after they drafted the star Auburn running back No. 1 overall.

Let’s review some our your responses:

NC Hell Razors

Ever? I would say Marcus Allen with Bo Jackson a 1A. That coup that Sr. Al pulled surely pissed off the NFL, lol.

Limey Raider

Has to be Bo with the 7th round pick.

Al at his finest

BAMF Raider

Has to be Bo Jackson. Vintage Al in his prime.

Then he chased it Jamarcus Russell in his decline. Now it’s been a decade of Mark.

Will the Raiders ever return to glory?


Marcus Allen or Fred Biletnikoff.


Tough one. Howie Long or Charles Woodson.