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Silver and Black Pride’s Week 14 pick’em competition

It’s crunch time around the NFL.

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
Chandler Jones
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Well, the Las Vegas Raiders might have blown their slim playoff hopes last night but we’re still gearing up for the postseason in our Silver and Black Pride Pick’em challenge. It’s Week 14 so we have a little more than a month to go until the end of the regular season. The good news for Raider Nation though is now we get to sit back and enjoy a good slate of games on Sunday and have a stress-free weekend.

The New York Jets, who currently hold the third AFC’s Wild Card spot, are two-possession underdogs against the Buffalo Bills this weekend. Plus, the Los Angeles Chargers, who are one spot behind the Jets in the standings, are also underdogs this week against the Miami Dolphins. In other words, there’s a good chance we see some movement in the playoff picture this weekend.

Ahead of the action, let’s take a look at our writers’ standings for the pick’em challenge after 195 contests:

  1. Matt Holder 122-71-2 (63%)
  2. Ray Aspuria 119-73-2 (61%)
  3. Bill Williamson 106-72-1 (59%)

On behalf of the writers, I’d like to apologize for us being so boring last week. Literally, all three of us went 10-4-1 so there were no winners or losers, call us the Commanders and the Giants. Booooorrrriiinnggg, and unfortunately, I have bad news for next week.

The three of us have the same picks — barring Ray pulling a fast one on me and changing his picks last minute — with the lone exception being that Bill has the Steelers over the Ravens. At least we’ll have a winner but don’t expect much movement in the standings next week. Also, shoutout to Bill for joining the 100-club!

2022 Overall Leaders

1. Da r8dazzz Idaho 126-67

t2. Jeepraider 121-72

t2. RaiderFan 121-72

4. TV Raider 120-73

t5. TommyRaider 119-74

t5. Trashman 119-74

7. 12Personnel 118-75

t8. akraida 117-76

t8. warchant 117-76

t8. Bodega Bay Raider 117-76

t8. Unreliable Narrator 117-76

t8. Cunning Runts 117-76

Week 13 Top Pickers

t1. Bay Bombers 13-2


t3. Beekay18 12-3

t3. Davante All Day 12-3

t3. akraida 12-3

t3. NastyNates 12-3

t3. Nashviller8r 12-3

t3. Jeepraider 12-3

t3. Speed kills 12-3

t3. Da r8dazzz Idaho 12-3

t3. TommyRaider 12-3

t3. uncleRaider 12-3

t3. Mooniac 12-3

Da r8dazzz Idaho is running away with the competition like he/she stole it! With an impressive 12-3 performance this week, Idaho has a five-pick lead over the community and a four-pick advantage over me for the overall crown with five weeks go. That’s going to be a hard deficit for anyone to make up.

Shoutouts are in order this week for Bay Bombers and MOON PIES FOR TODOS with 13 correct picks! That also means they only got one game wrong with the tie between Washington and New York last Sunday, impressive!

Make sure to get your picks in this week and may your picks be good!