I saw a tweet by Josh Dubow saying

#Raiders when leading by double digits at halftime in the 10 seasons before Josh McDaniels arrived: 20-2 #Raiders when leading by double digits at halftime in 1 season with Josh McDaniels: 0-4

What's even more pathetic to me is that in the 10 previous seasons the Raiders have only led by double digits in 22 games. Let that sink in. Out of 161 games the Raiders had a double digit lead at halftime in 22 games.

That is 13.7% of the games, is it any wonder that the team sucked and lost more games than they won.

In 13 games this year the Raiders have had double digit halftime leads (which they blew) 4 times. That is 30.8%

Josh obviously needs to fix things and figure out how to win games along with the players but I don't think it is the right call to move on from him. Who would replace him? Do you think any decent coach or GM would want to come here when they would be blamed for all the problems with the team and possibly get fired after 1 year? A lot of them have families and having to move so often isn't easy on them.

Why would any of the coveted names come here? Do you think we will get one of the hot coaching candidates like Dan Quinn or Demeco Ryans? Or big names like Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh? I doubt any of them would want to come here unless they maybe got a massive fully guaranteed deal like the 10 year $100 million Gruden got but I doubt Mark goes for it and we'd be stuck with the Lane Kiffins and Dennis Allens.

And the Raiders roster isn't as strong as their record seemed. How many analysts picked us to finish 2nd in the AFC West? I don't recall seeing any, pretty much all of them predicted we would finish 3rd or 4th citing our lucky wins last year and how we were not playing well to end the year. It was a flawed team.

Now going back to the team at hand, Bill Belichick inherited a Pats team that finished 8-8 the year before and do you know his record his first year? 5 wins and 11 losses. He soon turned the team around. I'm not saying Josh will be the next Belichick, I'm saying we should be patient. Mark already said he'd be back next year.

Josh definitely has his flaws but so does the team. He was way too conservative in the 2nd half (a lot of people would say playing not to lose) with only 6 passes but it makes me wonder if it's because he doesn't trust Carr after the INT at the end of the 1st half. A lot of fans have been complaining about the team being too conservative at the end of halves but then this crap happens.

Hopefully he learns from this as it seems like he's been adjusting since the beginning of the year. We started as a passing team with Jacobs being underutilized and Josh realized it wasn't working and Carr couldn't keep extended drives alive with his arm or legs. That obviously didn't work, look at our record.

So then we became a run focused team with Jacobs becoming the leading rusher in the league opening things up for Carr. He took it too far in the 2nd half today with only 6 passes. Overall the balance wasn't where it needed to be with the Raiders running 58 offensive plays with 38 runs and 20 passes.

We need to keep a better balance while still being a run oriented team. In our last 2 wins we ran the ball roughly 51% of the time. Today they ran it 65.5% of the time. We need to keep a balance to preserve Jacobs health and to put the team in the best position to win. Hopefully Josh realizes this and keeps our run game at 51-52% of our plays.