Final indictment on Carr

Baker Mayfield was with one organization (Browns) the entire offseason. Gets cast out and finds a home with the Panthers. Gets cast out of there 2 days ago and winds up on the Rams (if you're counting at home that is 3 teams with 3 different playbooks in less than 1 yr). By all accounts many in the media and fans said Baker was trash - I was never one of them, but I digress.

So, this "trash QB" in his 5th yr who has 3 different systems to learn this yr, the most recent of which was in 2 days comes in and performs better from an overall QB stand point (mechanics, ball placement/accuracy, leadership, in game reads, etc.) than the 9 yr - man it makes me laugh just thinking of typing this next part - "top 10 QB" in Carr who has had ALL offseason and this was game 13 AND the best WR in the league. Oh, not to mention, McD chose to run the ball with a clearly injured Josh Jacobs instead of put the ball in Carr's hands to garner some offense. THAT IS CLEARLY AN INDICTMENT ON CARR AND WHAT JOSH MCD HAS LEARNED ABOUT HIS "top 10" QB. If you can't see that then you are more of a "fanatic" for Carr than you want to believe and have no logical reasoning ability in you. If you can't see this and own up to Carr needing to be cut like Jonathan Abrams then you are blindly following a player of despair and there is absolutely no intelligence about you as it relates to football...shoot maybe as it relates to your life LOL.

Carr is being outperformed by "trash" QBs on 2 days with a playbook. Let's just say Baker is "an average QB", CARR ISN'T EVEN AVERAGE THEN!!!!! We literally could get anyone, ANYONE to turn around and hand the ball off to Jacobs as he is CLEARLY our offense as it stands right NOW. Someone else can get in there for $3 mil if not less to try and throw the ball out of bounds to a triple covered Adams.

Carr finished the game with a passer rating of 36.9, which is the worst that he’s had in several seasons. It’s worth mentioning that just spiking the ball into the ground on every play would net Carr a passer rating of 39.6. That’s how poorly he played on Thursday.

Carr is not the guy folks. STOP being delusional. I'd take Bruce Gradkowski back in a heartbeat over this crap that Carr keeps peddling to us. At least he played with some fire!

Just give up on trying to think or defend Carr already. THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING YOU CAN COME UP WITH TO EXCUSE THIS GUY. NOTHING. HE IS NOTHING. No wait, Baker was nothing, right? Carr is LESS THAN NOTHING!

PS....Let's not act like it's not a "thing" when every time, EVERY TIME, we get into the red zone we all get that feeling that we aren't going to get a TD and Carr is going to F this up - even you Carr guys get that feeling but will NEVER admit it. I had that feeling during that drive that Carr threw the INT to end the half. I was like "oh no, he's in the red zone. I hope they run it with JJ so we can score. Dang it! 3 passes and the last is an INT!!! SOAB!!!"