Oh boy I'm gonna catch heat 4this1

I'm assuming most of you became Raiders fans cause of the renegade persona. I realize that's not the case for all but for this article I'm primarily talking to the rebels in the room. If your anything like me you know all about those scumbag masons You know the ones who profess there love of a Christian God while secretly worshipping Satan. For many of you this topic is comical but for many who who have researched and spent countless hours reading everything they could find about our true history and how it's been methodically altered throughout the course of time by stone masons then you know just how all invasive these Troglodytes really are. You think almost every President of the US has been a mason is just coincidence? You think it stops there. They are the heads of every authoritative institution, government, police municipality, and banking institutions world wide. In other words, they like control. It's there thing. Well that and getting banged by old men so they can be famous. Gross stuff these people are into, and some of the worst just happen to be in the entertainment business. Singers, actors, athlete's. Guys like shack that openly proclame there allegiance and then there's the ones that think they are clever by sticking it rite in your face without actually saying it. Masons love that. It's the nerd in them. Troglodytes, what can you say. Anyways that's what our beloved QB is. Yep Carr is a Mason, and everytime his arm winds back for one of his patented interceptions to lose or drastically alter the course of the game he shows the world where his true allegence lies. On his wrist is a very unusual tattoo. Many think it's a Christian symbol. It's not. In fact it an ancient Masonic symbol. I know this because Ive probably read more books written by masons then actually masons symbolizes the falic not the Christ. It's just one of many ways these Troglodytes like to tell you without telling who they really are. Why does all this matter you ask it's because just as there Jesuit brethren they are tasked with creating chaos, division, and hate. What better way to do that then to stick a fake Christian, a fake Raiders fan (he's actually a Texas fan) on the one team that long ago told them all the F off and make them the laughing stock of the NFL instead of the symbol of renegade strength that drew us to them in the first place. So now everytime that little shit does or doesn't do just enough to loose us the game. The next season he sinks but wins just enough to force us to settle for him at QB again know that this stupid little mason who talks like he's from Texas like a retard is just doing what his demonic, sorry Masonic masters r telling him to do. I hate him. He's everything not Raiders. Never was never will be. He and his little tattoo can go get but banged by all the old men they want just please do it somewhere else. Like Kansas City perhaps. Lol. Go Raiders!!!