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Silver Minings: What will Maxx Crosby be worth?

Will Nick Bosa of the 49ers’ set the pass-rusher market?

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NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC at AFC
Maxx Crosby at the Pro Bowl last Sunday
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest looming contract extension in the NFL will be a potential mega deal between the San Francisco 49ers and superstar pass-rusher Nick Bosa.

The 49ers have acknowledged they need to soon extend Bosa and have budgeted it for. And it will be a major deal. Former NFL agent and CBS Sports NFL contract savant Joel Corry thinks Bosa may become the NFL’s first non-quarterback to surpass an average of $30 million a deal in his new contract.

Surely, the Las Vegas Raiders’ new brass will be paying close attention to what Bosa gets. Like the 49ers, the Raiders have a looming contract discussion with their own young pass-rusher, Maxx Crosby.

Bosa was the No,. 2 overall draft pick in 2019 and Crosby was a fourth-round steal by the Raiders in the same draft. Both players are eligible for contract extensions. Crosby may not get a deal that averages $30 million a year. But Crosby, who was named the defensive MVP in last week’s Pro Bowl, established himself as a superstar in 2021 and he led the NFL in pressures. If he hits free agency in 2023, he will break the bank. So, the Raiders need to pay attention to what’s going on with Bosa and the 49ers, because Crosby has deserved to get paid in the same range as Bosa does.

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