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Raiders Podcast: TDL-Erhardt-Perkins and Patrick Graham breakdown

What do these two schemes add to the offense and defense?

Dallas Cowboys v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders coaching changes are almost complete with the offensive coordinator, and a few others need to be worked out.

Patrick Graham is the biggest name to join the staff. The New York Giants expected him to run their defense for the 2022 season. Graham had other plans and decided to join the Raiders with its young defensive pieces on all three levels.

BD Williams goes over the defensive scheme and their attention to detail. The Giants' defense was not talented but coached well, which allowed them to perform to their maximum potential. He explains whether or not there will be a switch to the front alignments that will affect Maxx Crosby and Yannick Ngakoue.

I go over the Erhardt-Perkins offensive passing game and how it features Hunter Renfrow. Also, the need for an outside receiver to maximize the potential of the passing game.

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