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Raiders hire Rob Ryan as senior defensive assistant

An old face joins the Raiders staff

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas Raiders continue to make moves letting several scouts and personnel executives go this week. It displays that the old regime is on its way out the door.

However, Saturday morning starts with a coach that Raider nation will remember. Rob Ryan is joining as a senior defensive assistant.

Ryan was the Raiders defensive coordinator for five years with little success. He is responsible for the last Raiders defense to finish top 10 in Football Outsiders DVOA. In 2006, they finished 4th in overall passing DVOA.

The haters will say it’s because teams could just run, but he won’t be calling plays. It is a minor role for the son of legend Buddy Ryan, but he does have defensive wisdom he can bring to the table.

The Raiders will continue to add to the coaching staff with the offensive side missing offensive line and the offensive coordinator. Stay tuned for all the updates.