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TDL Breakdown: Josh McDaniels in the red zone

Can Josh McDaniels fix the red zone issues?

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders’ red zone issues were prevalent during the Jon Gruden era. The Raiders never finished better than 22nd in their rankings from 2018-2021, with their worst ranking this past season.

With his low career numbers, Derek Carr gets the scrutiny, but Gruden had the same red-zone TD percentage for 20 years. The Raiders never finished below 14th before he arrived in Oakland back in 2018.

With a new coach on the horizon, the red zone will continue to be a topic until it improves. Josh McDaniels history in the red zone has bounced up and down from year to year. His rankings since 2017 exhibit inconsistency.

  • 2017-5th
  • 2018-15th
  • 2019-26th
  • 2020-24th
  • 2021-11th

What can he do with the Raiders offense? I did a breakdown of seven red zone concepts from 2021 and the 2017 season to see what McDaniels will bring to the table and what he can do on offense. Go ahead and check it below and subscribe to the channel.