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TDL draft breakdown: Christian Watson WR, NDSU

Is Christian Watson a fit for the Raiders offense?

2022 NCAA Division I Football Championship Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders are in search of a number one receiver. After the loss of Henry Ruggs, they couldn't replace the void, which led to adjustments and continuous struggles late in the year.

With the draft upon us, mock drafts are selecting wide receivers for the Raiders. The position of need is paramount to today's football, with all four championship-round teams sporting an elite wide receiver.

Rumors from the draft claim the receiver prospects could help the Raiders in the future. One of them is Christian Watson from North Dakota State. His tremendous week of practice has his buzz at an all-time high.

Watson was part of an offense where their main focus was running the football. The targets were limited to 62, but he averaged over 18 yards per catch on the year as a deep threat. He has freakish athleticism for 6'4 211 pounds and a willingness to get dirty as a blocker in the run game.

It is all in the breakdown below. Check it out; subscribe to the channel.