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Silver Minings: Raiders’ defense may remain predictable in 2022

New DC Patrick Graham’s Giants’ unit was predictable in 2021

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New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Patrick Graham

The Las Vegas Raiders’ defense was, schematically, the most predictable unit in the NFL in 2021 under former defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

Considering what went down last season, don’t expect that to change much under new defensive coordinator Patrick Graham. Based on the below chart, Graham’s New York Giants were the eighth-most predictable defense in the NFL last season.

So, does that mean Raiders fans should be leery of Graham’s impact on the upcoming season? No, not necessarily. Being predictable on defense isn’t really a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just a commitment to scheme. It’s an approach. It’s a belief in a system, which all aren’t bad things.

The truth is that the Raiders’ defense made strides under Bradley (who is now in Indianapolis) whether he was predictable or not. So I wouldn’t be worried that Graham’s unit was predictable as well.

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