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Silver Minings: Rod Martin remembered for impressive Super Bowl interceptions

Raiders’ linebacker came up big when it counted

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Oakland Raiders vs Philadelphia Eagles, Super Bowl XV
Rod Martin interception in Super Bowl XV
Set Number: X25253 TK1 R6 F23 has a series on the greatest performances in Super Bowl history and a former Raider is being honored for his clutch play.

The site named Raiders’ linebacker Rod Martin as the fifth-greatest interceptor in Super Bowl history based on a formula it devised.

Martin had a Super Bowl-record three interceptions in a Super Bowl XV win over the Philadelphia Eagles. In a Super Bowl XVIII win over Washington, Martin had a fumble recovery. But Martin, now 67, will always be remembered for his ownage on Eagles’ quarterback Ron Jaworski in Super Bowl XV.

Martin was a career Raider, playing 12 seasons after being a 12th round draft pick out of USC in 1977. And what a career he had! It’s cool to see him being honored for his role in Raiders and NFL Super Bowl history.

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