Was Mayock to blame for poor draft picks & yet we found Crosby & Renfrow

Has anyone noticed that Mayock hasn't been mentioned for any interviews for GM ?
At least a couple of our coach's have been interviewed & considered for positions. Props to Gus now with Colts.
I would really like to know which draft picks were Grudens and which ones were Mayocks.
Many feel that Chucky had final say , many feel that Cable wanted Leatherwood and some give credit to Mayock for picks in later rounds.
We did poorly on early picks and yet we found a couple of "diamonds in the rough " in later rounds.
Who ever recommended Cosby and Renfrow did their homework. Perhaps our scouting guys had some influence on our later picks.
Maybe Mayock got the short end of the stick and if thats true then he deserved better.