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Silver Minings: Nevada is all in on Raiders

Josh Jacobs has the most popular selling jersey in the state

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Syndication: The Enquirer
Josh Jacobs
Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

It is clear that the Raiders’ new home state has taken to the team in their two seasons in Las Vegas.

According to The Action Network, the Raiders are the best-selling team jersey in the entire state of Nevada — and Raiders standout running back Josh Jacobs’ No. 28 jersey is the highest selling player jersey in the state.

According to the above map, Nevada is the only state in which the Raiders are the leading seller in either the team or player category. The San Francisco 49ers are leading in both the player and team categories in California, the Raiders’ former home state.

Expect the Raiders’ stranglehold on the affections of their new home state to only grow stronger in the coming years.

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