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Silver Minings: Free-agent spending has been paying off

Recent proof shows it pays to spend

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There has long been a notion in NFL circles that winning teams can’t be built in free agency.

The mantra was always build your team through the draft and sprinkle in additions through free agency. However, do not rely on free agency, it doesn’t work. Yet, that approach has been diminished in recent years.

The below tweet by Field Yates of ESPN shows that the most aggressive teams in free agency in recent years have seen an instant pay off. Check it out:

That type of improvement over a six-year period by the biggest free-agent spenders is not a fluke. It’s a trend. So, with free agency officially starting Wednesday and a flurry of tampering-period action already in place, many teams have already committed big in free agency. Let’s see if it works again in 2022.

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