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Silver Minings: Raiders feel free agent linebacker pain

Big money linebackers haven’t paid off in recent years

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NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos
Cory Littleton
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As we delve into free agency this week, we are reminded of how difficult some free agent markets are and how big spending on a player doesn’t mean there will be success.

Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus pointed out the recent troubles of big dollar free agent signings recently. Many of them haven’t work out. Of course, the Las Vegas Raiders are extremely aware of this issue. They have released linebacker Cory Littleton after signing him to a three-year, $35 million deal in 2020.

Littleton was a bust in Las Vegas and ended last season as a bit player for the Raiders. There are never any guarantees in free agency, especially at a position like linebacker.

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