Position Group Rankings

Raiders have top notch players at some of the most important positions in the game:

Top 12 QB: Derek Carr will probably move up towards top 8 with Adams on the field.

Top 3 WR Room: A Pro Bowl slot receiver in Hunter Renfrow combined with the All-World WR Davante Adams.

Top 3 Edge Rush: Jones is aging, but still hungry; Mad Maxx is a young ascending stud. I can't wait to see them pin their ears back when the offense gets them a lead.

Top 3 TE. A healthy Waller. Duh

Top 8 RB Room: Jacobs, Drake, Bolden, and the new big fullback Johnson.

Top 3 Kicking Room: Cole, Carlson, Sieg. No need for explanation.

Top 10 LB Group: Perryman was a Pro Bowler last year; Diablo looks like the real deal.

Obviously, there are question marks with needs for starters at OL and S and needs for depth at DT and CB. The best part is that the strength of all the above mentioned position groups is that they compensate for shortcomings in other areas.