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Silver Minings: Raiders spent more than $12 million in lost games to injury in 2021

Still, it was below the NFL average in 2021

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
Darren Waller
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Injuries are an awful reality of the NFL every year and the 2021 season was no different.

The Las Vegas Raiders felt the affect to injuries. In a study by, it was reported that that the Raiders spent an estimated $12,698,545 on players who lost games to injury. That breaks down to $746,973 a game. They lost a total of 173 games to injury.

While that sounds like a lot (the Raiders had their share of injuries, including losing star tight end Darren Waller for six games), it was less than most teams spent on lost games to injury last season. The Raiders total was the 18th highest in the NFL. The New York Jets spent the most on lost players last season to the tune of $28,670,537.

Raiders’ AFC West foe, the Denver Broncos, spent the seventh most on injured player, while the Los Angeles Chargers spent the 14th most in 2021. AFC West champion, the Kansas City Chiefs, had better injury luck, paying out the 27th most to injured players in 2021.

In total, more than 5,600 games were missed collectively in the NFL in 2021 and teams spent an estimated $434 million on injured players.

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